Trump Congratulates Record-Setting Female Astronaut. But Why Is Ivanka There?

On Monday, President Donald Trump called outer space to tell NASA astronaut, Peggy Whitson, congrats on breaking the record for the most consecutive days spent in space.

Joining Trump on the call from the Oval Office was Kate Rubins, another NASA astronaut. Kate’s done a few things that might warrant her being there, like, I don’t know, becoming the 60th woman to fly in space, serving as a flight engineer and being the first person to sequence DNA in space.

Inexplicably, a third person was also present on the call: Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka.  Trump introduced her as “another impressive person” — presumably comparing her to the NASA astronauts — and prompted her to “tell us something” about the space program.

This was kind of strange, since Ivanka is not an astronaut, or a scientist, or an employee of NASA; and as an adviser to her dad in the White House, she also isn’t a federal employee with purview over NASA. Sooo … this begs the question: Why was Ivanka there????


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